The idea of APEX Adventures was started in 1987, when two brothers, Shaw and Brent Dunton, were reunited after spending a year apart at different colleges. Shaw had just spent the summer as the Director for Project COPE in Northern California and Brent had been working with Outward Bound on the east coast of the U.S. Each program had experiential components that both brothers gravitated toward, which would set the tone for their studies and lay the groundwork for their future.

    Over the years, Brent and Shaw have continued to work with masters in the fields of experiential and adventure based learning, combining their knowledge to put together an exceptional team of facilitators and adventure specialists to create a company that is based on Growth Through Adventure. Every program is carefully tailored and constructed to meet each group's specific needs and objectives. The overlying theme in all of the events offered through APEX Adventures is for every participant to have the opportunity to learn while having fun!

    The staff at APEX Adventures is able to design programs for groups of 5 to 500 people for partial, full, or multiple day events. Ice-breakers to off-site events, APEX Adventures offers a variety of activities to choose from based on your group's specific goals and expectations: Ropes Courses to challenge your inner self and develop team support, Portable Team Initiatives to foster group cohesion and effectiveness, Mini-Olympic Games that focus on friendly competition, Team Orienteering and Scavenger Hunts, Supportive Rock Climbing courses, Team Experience Nature Hikes, kayaking excursions, bike tours and an innovative combination of the above activities called Quest. APEX Adventures is also getting much interest from our repeat clients in our new and exciting Adventure Retreat packages for groups that are looking for special programming for their conference or retreat.

    APEX Adventures is skilled at providing meaningful, unique, and exciting programs and activities to a variety of clientele. All of the staff are committed to making your group's experience uniquely memorable. APEX Adventures looks forward to working with you and designing your special event!