Challenge your team with this innovative and cooperative program! Your team will move through a logically planned progression of fun ice-breaker games, trust building activities, problem solving tasks, and cooperative challenges. This program stands alone as a full team building event, or it can be combined with other activities to fit into the larger agenda for a conference or retreat.

    APEX Adventures utilizes different Cooperative Team Challenges activities depending on each group's specific goals and objectives. Every activity and element is designed to allow an opportunity for a group to be presented with a task or situation that requires team interaction and the potential for success. The atmosphere is one of fun and camaraderie, coupled with growth and learning.

    Our staff are experts at tailoring the activities within this program to focus on target topics and facilitating participants to draw relevant and realistic metaphors from the group's dynamics during the activities to real-life situations in the workplace. So put down your cell phones, power down your computers, turn off your pagers and come out to play!

    Balls, boards, ropes, blindfolds... These are the tools of the trade that participants find in their hands, indelibly focused and committed to one another. Small working units of 5 to 15 people are optimum for individual involvement and interaction. Larger groups usually start and finish the program together as one group and are separated into smaller working units for some portions of the program. The Cooperative Team Challenges program is easily transported and can be implemented at almost any location, whether it be beach or park, conference room or campus facility. The primary focus is learning while having fun!


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