ProgramsSupportive Rock Climbing

Rock climbing popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. Originally, climbing was considered a sport suited only for rugged, overly adventurous people. These days climbing walls and indoor climbing gyms have made it possible for all types, ages, and sizes of people to become familiar with this age-old wondrous sport.

    Rock climbing is the essence of team building. The climber and the belayer (the person at the other end of the rope,) are linked in life to accomplish their goal and survive doing it! In actuality, once the skills are learned, there is very little possibility of injury. Climbing creates a learning environment where the participants understand the meaning of trust; their self confidence increases, and they become more comfortable with risk taking. Climbing also presents a metaphor for continuous individual and team support, accountability, and improvement.

    APEX Adventures has discovered that there is more to climbing than "Because It's There." We utilize this unique adventure experience, coupled with well-designed initiative activities, to create a cooperative situation where the participants learn to test their limits and develop as a team. Dynamic facilitators debrief the experience and generate an awareness of how it relates back to the workplace. Participants leave our Supportive Rock Climbing programs with a new sense of self worth and boosted team camaraderie. We know how to make climbing successful for everyone!

    Supportive Rock Climbing as a specific team building exercise can take place at natural outdoor rock "playgrounds" or at artificial climbing facilities. We can even bring in the Portable Wall! Half-, full-, or multiple-day programs are available. Foregoing initiative activities and facilitators, the sport of rock climbing can also stand alone to enhance team support or as an individual self-actualization activity.