ProgramsCompetitive Team Olimpics

Rally your team and go for the gold! If your group likes the taste of fun and friendly competition, then an APEX Adventures Team Initiatives is the way to go! Groups are divided into teams that compete against each other in different activities, trying to score the most cumulative points to become the overall winning team. Depending on the number of teams, multiple activities may be in progress at the same time, with teams rotating between activities so that all teams get equal opportunity to participate in every activity.

    We utilize a variety of activities to achieve a balance of competition, camaraderie, athleticism, and creativity. Some traditional games, such as volleyball, may be played as a typical rotation tournament or with some twists thrown in like "Blanket Ball," where team members hold the ends of a blanket and have to work together to receive and return the ball by catching and bouncing the ball with the blanket. Three-way and four-way volleyball are other exciting alternatives that we some times use. A few of the favorite activities of our return clients include frisbee golf, the giant slingshot, hoola hoop relays, and theme related projects in sand, clay, or other medium. If your group has a favorite activity, just let us know!

    Beaches and open grass parks are ideal sites to stage the Team Initiatives, but school yards and even indoor conference centers can offer the space needed for this type of event. APEX Adventures staff keep track of all the scoring and the "Head Ref" makes sure all activities remain safe and fair (no bribes!). We have built in tie breakers and we supply colored ribbons for each member of the three highest scoring teams, which can also be augmented with more tangible awards (trophies, mouse pads, vacation packages...). Team allegiance can be reinforced with the use of team identifiers, such as colored scarves, hats, or t-shirts. Remember, the team with the most points - WINS!!