ProgramsTeam Experience Nature Hike

Everyone loves the outdoors!  What better way to celebrate the environment than on a guided nature hike on one of the country's best foot trails? Combine the beautiful outdoor setting with group initiatives along the way, and what might normally be a hike like any other, transforms into a fun and interactive learning experience for everyone involved.

     APEX Adventures programs are all based on Growth Through Adventure and our Team Experience Nature Hike is the seed from which all other adventure learning activities can take root.  Our naturalist guides do far more than identify species and discuss habitat communities and environmental issues. Our goal is to go beyond the typical nature walk and promote a team learning environment that focuses on developing group dynamics while having fun!

     We utilize Portable Team Initiative activities that require effective communication and cooperation in order for the group to succeed.  The result is increased trust, support, and responsibility amongst the group members with a renewed sense of  mutual commitment and team spirit.  Our professionally trained facilitators help sharpen the learning curve so the participants gain valuable insight to the crucial teamwork dynamics within their own group.

     The Team Experience Nature Hike is perfect for a break during a conference to complement team-oriented discussions or as an off-site activity to promote camaraderie and good will.  Hikes can range from one to eight hours in length, with difficulty and challenge matched up with your group's needs.  The Portable Team Initiatives on their own can take place anywhere, but we prefer to hike in the most beautiful locations available.  Come discover the opportunities for Growth Through Adventure!