What is QUEST? Some people view a quest as a journey or expedition, or the act of seeking something, such as a pot of gold. Others think of a quest as the pot of gold itself, or some similar reward. Our vision of QUEST is a team journey in which the "reward" is in the mutual commitment and camaraderie that develops when a team has fun, successful experiences together, thereby making the process more important than the end result.

    QUEST combines a number of activities, such as team building initiatives, orienteering (map & compass), and ropes course elements, to allow a group to work together as a team. APEX Adventures facilitators present the group with the tools and instructions necessary to successfully move through the progression of activities and strive for a final goal. Each activity has inherent challenges that require team members to collaborate on decision making, maximize their resources, and generate effective solutions.

    Larger groups are separated into smaller working units for maximum involvement and interaction. The members of each small unit work together as their own cooperative team that moves through QUEST on a different pattern or progression than the other teams. In this fashion, QUEST can be presented as a competitive event, for a unique team building experience. When competition becomes an element, the activities have qualitative or quantitative attributes added, such as time, points, creativity, or presentation. APEX Adventures facilitators keep score for ranking the top-scoring teams and ceremoniously present awards.

    Whether your group has one team that is looking for a fun, interactive program or you are ready for an exciting and motivating event for a larger group, QUEST promotes continuous communication and cooperation, the development of mutual trust and support, and commitment to common goals.