ProgramsTeam Building Ropes Course

What is a ropes course? It is a series of obstacles constructed of various types of materials to provide challenges to the individual or group. Participants work their way up through low course elements (up to 3 feet off the ground) and progress on to the high course elements (20-85 feet in the air.) Through the use of team support systems and state of the art rock climbing equipment, the course is able to provide a controlled situation where actual risk is practically non-existent. The perception of risk is the catalyst for individuals and groups to benefit from by expanding their comfort zones, team problem solving, and overcoming natural fears.

Team building (Low element course)

      Ever been put through the hoops? Forced to walk the plank? Made to work with others? These are real experiences that everyone has dealt with at one time or another. During the team building activities, you will learn that it takes all of the participants' cooperation to succeed. These activities are designed to utilize each person's talents and abilities as well as recognize effective modes of communication and cooperation, thereby fostering the ideals of trust, support, and responsibility.

In the Trees! (High element course)

      The air is a little thinner up there! Some elements are built to encourage the team-building / problem solving progression by using more than one rope system so that multiple participants must work together to accomplish their goals. Other elements are simply made for the individual's peak experience. APEX Adventures engages the group as a team by involving participants as belayers, spotters, and of course, the ever-helpful encouragement team.

Challenge by Choice (Failure-free focus)

      While on the course we like to employ the concept of cooperative, non-competitive fun. APEX Adventures ropes courses are "failure-free." Participation is determined by each participant's unique abilities and capabilities. We respect the decision of a participant not to attempt an element and will provide other ways for that person to be involved in each activity. The idea of the course is to challenge participants while maximizing their FUN!