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The Team Scavenger Hunt is an activity enjoyed by all ages. It incorporates crucial elements of team interaction, including open communication, creative problem solving, and constant cooperation. Large groups are separated into teams and each team receives all the materials necessary to complete the Hunt. Materials include navigational directions, Scavenger Hunt questions, Polaroid cameras, and documentation instruments.

    Teams rotate through topic areas, such as Historic Monterey, Old Fisherman's Wharf, Steinbeck's Cannery Row, and Lover's Point; all of which are within walking distance of each other along the Monterey Peninsula coastline. The instructions lead each team to designated areas while other teams are at alternate locations, passing each other as they complete each section. The Hunt requires answers to questions relevant and particular to specific locations which can only be discovered through exploring areas or asking questions. Each Scavenger Hunt question is worth points, with some questions worth more points than others.

    Teams can also score points by taking team photos at specific locations designated in the Hunt instructions. Photo locations usually require some additional seeking and problem solving for each team. Some physical items may also be asked for in the Scavenger Hunt that each team can gather for bonus points.

    Teams compete against the other teams for the most points. The team with the most points - WINS! We provide colored ribbons for the top three teams and other awards can be used to supplement (trophies, televisions, cars...). The excitement of the Team Scavenger Hunt is also heightened when teams are separated and easily identified by the use of colored scarves, hats, or sweatshirts.