How do you create and maintain a successful business?

One word: TEAM.

    At APEX Adventures, we believe the key lies in strengthening the connections between people - your people - by facilitating a group experience that incorporates all aspects critical to your company's success: cooperation and communication, collaborative problem solving and decision making, commitment to common objectives, and perhaps most important, a willingness to change and to take risks. That's right, everyone participates, everyone breaks out of the box, everyone wins.

    You want to increase productivity and efficiency, effectively use resources, boost revenues and increase your customer satisfaction quotient? We can help.

    Your TEAM is already humming like a well-oiled machine? We'll provide incentive to maintain peak performance.

How do we do it?

One word: ADVENTURE.

    Whether it's a team building ropes course to develop team camaraderie and commitment, or a sea kayaking trip to say thanks for a job well done, APEX Adventures can deliver the right program to meet the needs of your company or organization.

    If you can't come to us, we'll come to you with one of our portable programs. So put down your cell phones, power down your computers, turn off your pagers and come out to play!

    We're looking forward to meeting your TEAM...


Brent & Shaw Dunton
APEX Adventures Directors



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